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Diversity and Inclusion

The Center for Human-Computer Interaction and Design recognizes its implicit role in the social, economic, racial, religious, gender identity, ethnic, and national injustices in the world and is actively working to stop the harm.


As researchers and educators, we strive to create inclusive environments and broaden participation within our community to combat systemic biases that can reduce diversity, inclusion, and equity within human-computer interaction and design field.

We are also working to help increase awareness of diversity and inclusion issues in the HCI and Design community. To learn more, start by reading a piece co-authored by Northwestern HCI+D Center alumni and faculty at U.T. Austin, Angela D.R. Smith, together with Ihudiya Finda Obonnaya-Ogburu (University of Michigan) and Alexandra To (Carnegie Mellon University):

Some concrete steps we are taking to address diversity and inclusion include:

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