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Collaborative Computing

Technology is fundamentally changing how we interact with each other, directly or indirectly, through gestures, speech, and gaze. This also influences how we exchange human, social, financial, and information capital. Yet, we lack an empirical understanding of the future of computer-supported collaboration in our multicultural society. We aim to scale collaboration and design systems that bridge every individual across the world through smart and interconnected communities. Center researchers pioneer the science of collaborative computing and build on faculty expertise in collaboration, social computing, peer production, multimodality, and mobile computing.

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Recent Papers

Hill, B. M., & Shaw, A. (2020). The Hidden Costs of Requiring Accounts: Quasi-Experimental Evidence From Peer Production. Communication Research, 0093650220910345.

Heydari, B., Szajnfarber, Z., Panchal, J., Cardin, M. A., Holtta-Otto, K., Kremer, G. E., & Chen, W. (2019). Analysis and design of sociotechnical systems. Journal of Mechanical Design, 141(11).

Das, M., Hecht, B., & Gergle, D. (2019). The Gendered Geography of Contributions to OpenStreetMap: Complexities in Self-Focus Bias. Proceedings of CHI 2019, 14 pages. New York: ACM Press.

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