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DTR Film Premiere

Friday, June 3 2022

5:00 pm (CDT) Hybrid


Film Website
In-Person:  The Garage 
Remote: Zoom Link 
Come celebrate the end of the school year! We’ll be hosting the film premiere party for Forward, a documentary short film following Northwestern University’s Design, Technology, and Research (DTR) program led by associate professor Haoqi Zhang. The film follows graduate and undergraduate students and their faculty mentor in DTR for two quarters, to look at the practices of a community-based research lab. Students self-direct their own research projects in human computer interaction while also learning about their own work process and metacognitive blockers to completing their work. The film focuses on the process by which students work to overcome individual struggles that prevent them from moving forward to make project progress and grow as people. Students work individually but within a community to find ways to seek help from each other, learn from others' experiences, and support one another. By reflecting on their own practices and work processes, students grow personally throughout their time in this community. The ultimate goal of DTR is for students to discover what it’s like to pursue work that is meaningful to their own values and goals. The screening (run-time: 37 minutes) will be followed by a Q&A and discussion with the audience. Food will be served!
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